At Redline we pride ourselves with a high standard of workmanship in caring for your vehicle. For all of your service requirements, Major, Minor, Oil changes

Our service is hard to beat.


Full service kit including oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter and pollen filter. Obviously service baskets are vehicle dependant.

Please note we use SHELL HELIX oils HX3 HX5 HX7 ULTRA as these oils meet and exceed manufacturer specifications


  • We do a full vehicle check including but not limited to:
  • Lighting & Electrical switches and fittings
  • Bodywork &  fixtures
  • Brakes: brake pads, shoes and discs as well as brake fluid checked.
  • Handbrake adjustment and lever travel check
  • Suspension: control arm bushes, ball joints, knuckle joints, tie rod ends, shock saddles etc...
  • Steering, steering column free play and alignment
  • Engine complete service and check for oil leaks
  • Wash the engine - (extra charge to remove electronic componentry)
  • Check cambelt (visual) and only when not obstructed by other components
  • Check coolant 
  • Atf, Gearbox and diff oils as well as power steering fluid
  • Check shock absorbers for travel and leaks
  • Check tyres tread and condition
  • Check wipers and washers
  • Road test and report