Our new service savings plan is designed to help you save for future service and maintenance

of your vehicles.

Why have the worry of large service and repair bills for your car or suv.

At Redline we offer a service savings plan to help you save a little every month and

accumulate savings for future service or maintenance. 

This plan is a savings for anything you need for your car.

Service, brakes, lights, wear and tear items whatever you need, even if u break down

it can be used for the towing.

Basically you save and you accumulate your money so you dont have to worry about big repair bills

You save how much you can according to your vehicle and annual mileage covered.

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Contact us for tailor made packages for your vehcile.




Average savings from as little as R 200 per month will cover you for an annual service with change left over. Grow your savings today Contact us now to find out more information {contact_form}

In this upper tier of savings we accomodate the higher end and luxury segment. Extra savings are a great way to offset some of the costs assosciated with high end vehicles From R400 per month (vehicle dependant) Contact us here for more info